Bowel motion after birth

This information is provided as a general information and a guide only and clients are advised to consult with their own caregiver for further advice.

Using your bowels after birth

Using your bowels after birth can be difficult for the first few times, not to mention a little scary! However, this will make it feel more comfortable, allow the bowels to work more effectively and help to protect the pelvic floor.

Make sure you are drinking at least 1.5 -2 litres of fluid and eating breakfast and plenty of fibre.

Firstly listen to your body and answer the urge to go. Do not ignore or wait! Sit on the toilet like this and take your time to allow the bowels to do their work. Do not push or strain!

Sit on toilet with knees higher than hips, ie your feet on a stool or on the balls of your feet if you are short.

Lean forward with your elbows on your knees and your back very straight. Allow your tummy to completely relax. Support the vagina with your hand and a pad or folded toilet paper or, if you have had a caesarian, then support your wound gently with a towel and your forearm.

Take your time and gently breathe out to relax the anus. Keep your tummy bulged out. If it doesn’t happen this time, try again next time preferably after a meal and a hot drink to stimulate the bowel to empty.

Go to the Postnatal Physiotherapy class to learn more about your bowel health and looking after and strengthening the pelvic floor.