Women’s Health

Bladder Problems

Bladder problems are very common in Women.  These problems include incontinence (leaking urine) or poor bladder control.  Do you have to rush to toilet when you need to wee?  Do you leak urine with coughing, sneezing or exercising?  Do you go to empty your bladder lots of times?  Do you have to get up to empty your bladder a lot overnight?  Do you sometimes feel your bladder isn’t emptying as it should? Do you sometimes get the feeling you need to use your bladder but when you get to toilet you don’t pass much urine?  There is strong research to show that Pelvic floor physiotherapy with a specially trained Physiotherapist can resolve or significantly improve these and other bladder problems.?

One in three women are not doing their pelvic floor exercises correctly.  It is difficult to know if you are working the pelvic floor muscles.  Unfortunately if you are not doing them correctly you may be causing damage or worsening your bladder problems. 

  • Leaking of urine with exercise, coughing or sneezing.
  • Having to rush to toilet as soon as you feel the need to go
  • Leaking urine before being getting to toilet
  • Needing to go to toilet urgently with running water or when you get home
  • Feeling that bladder doesn’t empty properly or dribbling after emptying
  • Going to toilet very often
  • Having to get up often overnight to urinate
  • Slow starting urine flow

These bladder problems are, although common, not normal and often can be rectified or improved with Pelvic floor physiotherapy.  Ignoring these bladder problems can lead to other issues.   It’s never too late to seek help.

About one in three women will experience incontinence or bladder control problems.  The causes may include any of the following:

  • Effect of Pregnancy & childbirth
  • Having 4 or more children
  • Giving birth to large babies
  • Poor pelvic floor muscle function
  • History of Constipation
  • Poor fluid & toileting habits
  • Chronic cough
  • Obesity
  • High impact sport or heavy lifting
  • Incorrect activation of pelvic floor muscle
  • Genetics

When you visit Seasons of Life Physiotherapy our specialised physiotherapists will get a detailed history in order to provide you with the bests results.  This is the best way to improve bladder control or bladder problems and to get advice and assessment of the strength of your pelvic floor muscle.

We use a real time ultrasound to see how your bladder is emptying and to show you how your pelvic floor muscle is working.

Treatment will include:

  • Abdominal ultrasound of pelvic floor muscle.
  • Personalised pelvic floor muscle exercise program.
  • Progressive and functional program for muscle rehabilitation including biofeedback and other types of therapy.
  • Lifestyle advice to ensure maintenance of strong pelvic floor muscles.