Women’s Health

Pelvic Pain & Painful Intercourse

These conditions can be due to many different issues.  These are often complex and embarrassing problems.  Be mindful that whatever your issue is, you will not be the only person who has experienced it.  Often there is anxiety about seeking treatment for these issues and this can lead to increased fear and worry about they symptoms.  Once you have seen a specially trained physiotherapist most people find that they are reassured and understand why they might have this problem and given that there are many treatment options, realise these issues can be solved.

The physios at Seasons of Life Physiotherapy are renowned for their empathy, understanding and ability to empower clients with these issues.  This is an area in which Womens Mens and Pelvic physiotherapists have specific training.

  • Painful intercourse
  • Unable to tolerate penetrative intercouse
  • Unable to insert tampon
  • Coccyx pain
  • Vaginal stinging/burning
  • Perineal pain with sitting

Treatment is individualised and will include education, pelvic floor muscle exercise programme, biofeedback, dilator information.