Its two years today since Seasons of Life Physiotherapy changed hands. Its been a great journey learning the ups and downs of running a small business.

Ups include meeting wonderful people and helping them improve their health and wellbeing and inheriting or adding wonderful staff who do above and beyond for the business and me.

Downs include having TWO mobile phones, personal and business. Only possible advantage is when I cant find where I put one I can ring it with the other! Yes, a daily occurrence.

Here are some of the key points that have been reinforced over this period:

  • Providing education re anything we do (including safe exercise/pain/pelvic floor/pregnancy/post natal advice) is a powerful tool. We are dealing with intelligent, proactive clients who benefit from the knowledge our profession can provide.
  • Women beat themselves up. “I didn’t do enough pelvic floor exercises after my babies”, “It’s probably my fault for not doing XYZ….”. Can I just say that women are such high achievers juggling all their duties, work, kids, pregnancy, childbirth, everyone else’s health, maintaining solid friendships, their family and the in laws..gawd do I need to continue. Good on you any time you find time to focus on your health be it exercise or health or diet improvements.
  • Its never too late. The day you decide to get stronger/healthier/fitter/stronger/better is the right day, so well done for making the time.
  • Sometimes what we read on the internet isn’t correct! There are daily articles promoting exercises that aren’t great for those of us with any musculoskeletal issues or impaired core muscles. The risks are many, from disk issues to pelvic organ prolapse and bladder and bowel issues. The core muscles are the foundation stones and if they aren’t working correctly you are building on shaky ground – get the core checked by someone with expertise in this area.
  • Genetics play a huge part in everything! Bugger! You can do all the right things but still end up with issues because of your genetics. For example if your family has a strong history of varicose veins this is an indicator of tissue that is more elastic. This means females are at risk of pelvic organ prolapse as we are trying to keep lots of organs up against gravity.
  •  You don’t know what you don’t know. I know an awful lot about the pelvic floor muscle. I don’t know a lot about an awful lot of things. Think that’s the same with most people.
  • The body is absolutely amazing. Has its own detox system, moderates all its organs and functions optimally, produces beautiful babies..Do I need to go on?

Thank you all for your support of Seasons of Life Physiotherapy and we hope to continue to cross paths as your life story progresses from pregnancy, post natally and beyond.